Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can't believe how long its been since I posted here.

Well, a lot has happened in the last two weeks. We have been to Wornetz for a weekend of meetings. Richard did a men's meeting on Saturday morning the 25th on October. On Saturday afternoon I spoke for a woman's meeting. We both enjoyed our times with the people. On Sunday morning Richard preached for the Sunday morning church service. One thing he was invited to do was a baby dedication. There were two children that were dedicated that morning. One was the baby daughter of the Pastor and his wife. This baby is a miracle baby. While pregnant, the mom had some serious health issues, had to have massive doses of antibiotics and a couple of operations. With all of the trama to the mom and the medicines she was on, the Dr's kept saying they didn't know how it would affect the child. Well, to see her at 5 months old, she is a happy, alert little one.

The other child was a little boy. He was a little older and the parents were so blessed by the service. Its always so much fun to pray over the little ones like this.

It is in German, but it means...We come together to bless...
Now to get the little girls page done, so I can send them to the parents.

Another grandchild becomes a teenager. I can't believe how fast time goes. Of the 11 grandkids, 2 are in their 20's now, and 5 are teenagers and 4 are 10 and younger.

We stay very busy with all of activities at the school. This week Richard has had 2 full class schedule days, and tomorrow it is the same thing. Then he has no classes the rest of the week.
We have had special meeting to attend, a birthday party for one of the staff, getting together with the 3rd year students to hear about their mission trip, and the early morning staff meetings before classes start. But, we really love it, or we wouldn't be here.

I have gotten started on making my Christmas cards. I have about half of them made now, so this week its on the agenda to finish them and get my addresses put together. This is the first year I have actually done this. I have wanted to do it, but just put it off to long, and then it was to late to get it done, so store bought cards for people here in Germany.

Today I had my two ladies for English classes. It is always so much fun to get together with them. The lady that is about my age was so excited today. She said the time spent with me just talking in English helped her to speak to a couple from New Zealand last Sunday without any fear. YEA Elke. Today, she asked if she could just tell me about some of the German holiday traditions and what they represent. It was so fun to hear what the mean of many things is. From the Advent Wreath to the special holiday cookies and the Christmas Stollen. I think I am learning way more than she is. I get to help correct her English and I get a lot of information about Germany.

Here is a current layout of Richard and I. I am glad at our ages that we are still healthy and able to do so many awesome things.

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mel said...

WOW you do stay busy girl
cannot wait to you move back to the state love your blog