Sunday, October 12, 2008


I decided to start a blog. This way I can post pictures and keep you updated as to what is going on in my life. Sounds simple, but for someone that might be just a little "technically challenged" I have spent several hours trying to understand everything. So...for me to have gotten this far is a good thing.

Some of the things that I have been doing lately:
Having many guest in our home for meals. We are part of a staff group at the Bible School where we are. So last Monday evening we had our group for supper. I fixed soup, salad and hot rolls. For dessert I fixed American Apple Pie, with ice cream and/or cheddar cheese. American desserts are interesting for Germans to try. Much sweeter than they are used to and very different.

On Wednesday we had the 3rd year Bible School class that Richard leads here. There is only 9 in the class - which is a good size. Its called the Leadership School - students that feel they have a calling to be in a leadership position. They were getting ready for a 3 week mission trip to Turkey and Bulgaria. They came at 2:30 for a tour of the farm we live on. We live in a building that was built in 1127 as a Monastery. After the reformation it became a private dwelling - but the church building on the end of the building is still used for services every Sunday. There is much history surrounding this place, so our landlord gave the students a tour and told them all about the place. After the tour we had coffee and Texas Sheet Cake and visited. At 6:00 I gave them jobs to do to prepare the evening meal. We had Taco's (which several had never experienced eating before) and Corn Chips and a warm dip. It was fun watching them do as I had asked them. Setting the table - cooking, chopping, cleaning up. They did well.

Friday Oct. 3rd the team left at 11:30 to start their own adventure. We got to pray with them and see them on their way.

We went back to the school at 12:30 for a special lunch and program. Friday was German reunification day. The program started with those students that were from the former East Germany and other Eastern countries behind the "Wall" running through a paper wall that had been made, to give us a look at the excitement of being free to come and go within their own country. I was amazed at how emotional I got watching it. These people had lived behind the wall.

This is the "paper wall" that was placed over the doorway.

The "wall" coming down.

The people are FREE!!!!!

What an exciting program and great meal we had.

This past week was meetings, 4 young men from the 2nd year program at the Bible school came on Tuesday evening to have coffee and cookies and talk. It was fun to get to know these students better.

Between helping Richard, keeping up with regular house work, etc., I have been involved in some scrapbooking things.

During the summer I was in a contest at Scrapbook Playground. the contest was called the "Scrapbooking Olympics." They gave prizes for gold, silver and bronze places. I got the gold. I have received several wonderful prizes for this accomplishment. Wonderful scrapbooking supplies that I am using now.

One of them is on the YMBD web site. They are having a contest called "So You Think You Can Scrap". There were 53 entries and I made the first cut. The next voting is 18 & 19th, which I will put on this blog so you can see all of the wonderful entries. I cannot ask for people to vote for my layout, but I can invite people to go to the site and see all of the wonderful layouts and vote for their favorite one. They are numbered and you just vote for the number of your favorite layout. Pretty exciting.

On another site called "Scrap Whispers" they are doing a really fun thing. Like the old game of gossip we used to play as kids (at least that is what it was called when I was a kid) where you tell someone something and then the next person tells what they heard, etc. until the last person has to tell what they heard. Most times it was nothing like what it started out to be. Any way, this is where one person gets a scrapbook layout, and then has to make a layout of that layout. At the end of 6 or 7 weeks, we will see all of the layouts and the original and see how they look from beginning to end. There are 6 teams and they only do the layout one time per team member.

I just loved these pictures of Cason and Ali Hill. So this is one of the last layouts I have done. You will see lots of my grandkids in my layouts.

Thanks for reading the first post in my blog. Hope you come often and leave me a note.


Georgina said...

wow! what a first post Marguerite! Welcome to the blogging world! :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome the the wonderful world of blogging! I really just taught myself as I went all just falls into place :)

ginny said...

Wow! I love this! i am going to try to do it myself too! thanks for all the good news of what the Lord is doing in Germany!

niknik said...

Your blog looks great!!! I will be adding it to my list of blogs to check out!!!

Gine said...

LOVE your blog...Congrats
will link it up in mine
Sound like a wonderful celebration
In Norway too we celebrate very different than here in the US.
Your page is beautiful

Good luck with your blogging life

Jens und Sarah said...

you did a great job Marguerite!
It´s interesting what you did on 3. Oktober! I also put a few new pictures on my blog.
There is a link called Fotoalben.
love Sarah

Marti said...

Yay Marguerite! You're a natural at blogging! I'm a follower!

Jan said...

Welcome to the blogging world Marguerite! You did a great job creating your blog. I had to get ds to help me with mine. lol.

Stacey said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!

Becky said...

Marguerite, I just came over from the Scrap Whispers message board to see your blog. What a great job you have done!

It sounds like you are busy doing many good things--I am also actively involved in church stuff and it is so rewarding. Keep up the good work!