Thursday, December 4, 2008

What a great thing to be involved in.

Cosmo Cricket (A scrap Company) has started out December with a BANG. They want to donate $1.00 for every person who posts a comment...just a Merry Christmas will do.

The ARE NOT giving anything away and you can tell. Only 219 people have commented, so that's only $219.00 to go to charity. So, please go to their blog and leave a little comment, and lets see how much money we can get them giving away to charity.

Go to their blog and leave them a comment. Lets help them make this a good charitable donation!

Watching the snow fall outside our dining room window. So pretty (from the inside looking out.)

Yesterday was a very snowy day. It was beautiful from the inside looking out. Richard was in a picture taking mood so he took this one of the dining room window with the snow falling outside and a candle lit inside. Winter is a great time to light a lot of candles, which we do. It was such a cozy atmosphere and the picture turned out pretty, so wanted to share it with everyone.


Marti said...

Tell Richard it's a fabulous photo!

Gine said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Marguerite Hope you are enjoying Florida..A little cool here, but warmer than Germany :-)